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We are a company that represent a broad range of agricultural producers from different regions of Portugal and we select the best produts our country has to offer.


Goodgreen sells calibrated excellent quality fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs.
We have a variety able to satisfy all market segments.

Quality Control

Goodgreen focuses on exporting Portuguese fruit to the Middle East countries, as well as central and northern Europe. Bringing the best available products to our customers is what we do every day.


New products available
Goodgreen guarantees customers a variety of excellent quality vegetables originating from various regions of Portugal. Lettuce, peppers, butternut squash, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower follow high quality standards, selected to meet the most demanding and sophisticated consumer markets.

It's time to

It’s time for stawberries
The strawberry is a fruit of high consumption due to its attractive appearance, pleasant taste and odors and also due to its beneficial effects on health.
Strawberries are highly nutritious and low calorie, contain high amounts of fiber and vitamin C, as well as potassium.

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It’s time for mango
The Most Used Worldwide Fresh Fruit is avaiable to consume al over the year. The quality of this fruit can be confirmed by the smell which is the most reliable and telling sign of the ripeness.
The Mango can be consumed alone, in fruit salads, it is ideal for the confection of ice cream, pies and jams and also to use as a condiment for meat and fish.
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From Portugal to the World...


Goodgreen sells calibrated excellent quality fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs. We offer a variety that satisfies all market segments.


 Rua da Caridade nº22

         2080-026 Almeirim -  Portugal

 +351 243 591 666

(Call to National Fixed Network)



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